Papaya Skin Perfector Smoothie Recipe

“Take care of your inner, spiritual beauty.  That will reflect in your face. ~ Dolores del Rio

When it comes to enjoying beautiful skin, food is beauty.  Before you worry about what La Mer cream you are or aren’t slathering on your face, get the foundation right first: build a hydrating, nutrient-rich, aligned body.  

Contrary to the dieting mentality, it’s easier than you think and once you have that in place - beauty becomes truly effortless. Smoothies focus on ADDING (not taking anything away from your current lifestyle) focused nutrients and hydration to your cells so your body can heal itself from the inside out.

Papaya Skin Perfecter Smoothie Recipe

Instead of fighting your body with anti-ageing serums, acne masks, medications and Botox treatments (not that there’s anything wrong with any of these), your body starts to support your prettiest, most youthful, glowing skin ever on its own. You’re not relying on products or procedures for beauty, rather using them (optionally) to enhance what you’ve already built from within.

A well-crafted smoothie recipe like this one floods your thirsty cells with hydration and nourishment that it needs so that loving what you see in the mirror is easy.  

Imagine how nice it would feel to give up layers upon layers of makeup everyday for your own, natural essence instead?

My Papaya Skin Perfecting Smoothie Recipe overhauls digestion (which is an important key for beautiful skin) while giving your body a rich source of nutrients that target building a natural, confident, enviable glow unique to you.

I’m obsessed with creating potent, life-changing smoothie recipes (yes, it’s a thing).  After almost a decade of researching, being recipe-developer for a wellness-based juice and smoothie company and thousands of recipe iterations later I’m excited to share my favourites with you to try in your home.  Skip right to the bottom to get to the recipe or learn a bit more about my philosophy and what makes this recipe so darn good below.

What makes this smoothie so powerful for healing your skin?

My 3 primary reasons for loving smoothies so much comes down to efficient digestion, soluble fibre to cleanse and dense nutrition.

1/ Smoothies by definition are predigested.

What makes a good smoothie recipe so powerful, in part, is the fact that they’re predigested.  What I mean by this is that by blending the ingredients to smithereens you’re reducing the amount of energy the body needs to exert to fully digest and assimilate the nutrients.

This matters because beauty at its core is efficiency (I talk a lot about this in The Glow Life Program).

Digestion is a process that requires a lot of the body’s internal energy (some studies show up to 80%).  When our digestion is sluggish our organs are constantly working overtime to keep up with processing our questionable food choices.  This in turn creates a body that’s tired, heavy and aged.

Our body’s first priority is survival so it will always send as much energy to digestion as it needs to.  As our digestion becomes more efficient by eating more efficient foods, our organs get a chance to take a break from heavy digestion and redirect energy into deep cleaning processes that beautify.

An efficient body easily releases stubborn weight, erases fine lines, skin becomes toned and glowing allowing our true confidence to shine through.

The condition of our skin is really a mirror for what’s going on inside our body.

You can actually feel your body releasing digestive energy, you start to feel a tingle all through your body.  It makes you feel really, really good to eat these kinds of foods, which makes it incredibly addictive. This is your body’s automatic feedback response in action.  Instead of feeling tired, bloated and heavy after a smoothie like we do so many meals in our modern diets, you feel light, inspired and energetic and want MORE.

2/ Digestive fiber gently cleanses and tones your digestive system

Fiber is another secret weapon in a good smoothie.  Unlike a juice smoothies contain all of the fiber of the fruits and vegetables.  Some raw fibers are actually very harsh on sensitive bellies and give symptoms like bloating and can even make skin conditions worse.  

The fibers in this smoothie are mostly soluble and gentle which calms your belly and carries nutrients through your digestive tract while making you feel very satiated and energetic.

Because: when you feel good, you look amazing.

3/ A clever smoothie recipes is jam-packed with nutrition.

Not all smoothie recipes are created equal.  It’s important that the ingredients in the recipe are symbiotic and targeted.  The ingredients in this smoothie are an incredibly healing combination for feisty (read: irritated, troubled, clogged) skin stemming from digestive issues.

Papaya is the star of this smoothie and is chock full of skin-loving nutrients like vitamin C and beta-carotene which are antioxidants that are intensely skin nourishing and protect from ageing.  Combined with papain, a potent enzyme, and gentle, soluble fiber (so important for resetting your health) this smoothie is intensely cleansing for the skin and gives you a je-ne-sais-quoi, confident glow.

Not to mention it’s oh-so hydrating.  I emphasize the importance of eating hydrating foods for a youthful, glowing body in The Glow Life Program.

Plant-based protein is an essential beauty ingredient that helps to build a strong, toned and resilient body.  While animal protein is not considered a beauty ingredient (it’s very intensive to digest), plant-based proteins support an efficient, beautiful body.

Lastly I want to mention the power of antioxidants for beauty.  Free radicals are created by the body as a response to toxins, fungi and viruses.  They’re an important part of our immune systems however the side-effect of these powerful warriors is that they turn on our healthy cells, damaging them.  Left unchecked, these damaged cells lead to premature ageing and degenerative diseases. Antioxidants are vital for neutralizing these free-radicals which encourages that youthful glow we all crave not to mention a boosted immune system.

Drink This Smoothie for a Week to Feel Lighter and Brighter

7 Day Papaya Smoothie Skin Reset

This is the perfect daily smoothie for resetting your skin and finally feeling like your best, inspired self.  I recommend to my clients to drink this for one week straight to see and feel the best results.

Ideally, drink this in the AM after having a large glass of water and before eating anything.  Enjoy breakfast or lunch as normal after your smoothie, after starting to feel hungry again (most days I don’t feel hungry until noon - this recipe is serious stuff!).

After one week, switch the smoothie for my Essential Daily Green Juice recipe to go a layer deeper and really start building your best body.

Come back to this recipe and repeat this exercise anytime you need a digestive or skin reset.

Take this recipe to the next level by joining the Build Best Body training here. It’s completely free of charge and is the perfect way to unlearn what’s keeping you stuck and reset your mind and body for a body and life you love.

Papaya Skin Perfector Smoothie Recipe



Flesh of ¼ fresh papaya *

½ large or 1 small banana

1 scoop of plant-based protein powder

1 cup coconut water

Handful of berries of your choice **

To prepare the papaya: First cut the papaya lengthwise and then in half so you have 4 quarters.  The fruit should be soft and buttery. Scoop out the seeds (and discard them - I actually add some to the smoothie but they are bitter so it’s totally optional) and cut ¼ of the flesh into chunks being sure to remove the skin.  Save the rest for later in a sealable container in the fridge.

Place all ingredients into the blender and blend on high until smooth.

Pour into a glass and enjoy!  Or place into an air-tight container and drink within 3 days.

*Option to chunk all of the papaya and freeze for later use which can cut down on prep time if your schedule is tight.  Just blend up the frozen papaya instead of fresh.

**I love to use a half packet of açai berries for intense antioxidant boost but you can use whatever berries you have on-hand or enjoy most.  Blueberries are my second-place go to but strawberries and raspberries also taste incredible in this.

I want to hear your success story with the 7 day challenge! Comment below or email me ✌🏻💖.


All my love,

Jacqueline xx