When You Understand This, Everything Will Shift

Building your best body is as much an internal process as it as an external one.  In a world where everyone else is talking about the latest fad diets, something I’ve been teaching for a long time now is that creating change must happen on the inside first before it can happen on the outside.

Your most beautiful, youthful, glowing body comes from beautiful thoughts first and beautiful foods second.

What I want you to understand is this:

Your life is an interpretation.  Your interpretations affect your emotional state and your emotional state affects your ability to attract what you want.

Do you know how hard it is to feel sexy when all you have rolling through your head is mean girl talk on repeat?  The truth is that before we can feel and look sexy externally, we need to believe it internally. Sounds backwards, right?!

But when we feel beautiful, that’s when we really become beautiful effortlessly.

And the way to take control is understanding the difference between a fact and interpretation.

A fact might be that you were born in Canada, or the USA or Australia or wherever.  A fact is that I’m typing on what the world agrees is called a keyboard.  

On the other hand, an interpretation would be that I bought this keyboard because I believe it to be lightweight, convenient because it’s cordless and easy to type on.  Someone else might interpret this keyboard and flimsy or too small.

An interpretation is subjective and therefore NOT a fact.  But it’s easy to see and believe interpretations as fact.

“You are never at the mercy of your circumstances in life yet you are a hundred percent at the mercy of your interpretations.” ~Jim Fortin

When you look in the mirror, what you see is an interpretation NOT a fact (trust me on this even if it doesn’t feel true at the moment).  If your interpretation of your body is “trash-talky” how are you allowing that to make you feel?  How is that affecting your emotional state and your ability to actually make sh*t happen?

In other words, what matters most is your interpretation of what you see.

To create change, we need to choose a new interpretation that makes us feel good NOW (not in 6 weeks when we “lose 10lbs”) even if we know there’s work to do.  Feeling good inspires more good in us. Suddenly taking action to support our dreams is easy instead of feeling like a burden.

Beautiful thoughts build beautiful bodies.

When we allow our external world (our body) determine our internal world (our emotional state and thoughts), we’re allowing life to happen TO us instead of actively taking control and CREATING what we want.

It’s easy to get caught up in automatic thought patterns especially because they normally sound very convincing in your head, but our thoughts are more powerful than we know.

This fact versus interpretation cycle keeps us feeling stuck and frustrated in a body that we feel we need to maintain with stressful cardio workouts and strict dieting.  All while that sucking away our zest for life.

On the other hand when we choose interpretations that light us up, everything shifts so we can effortlessly create the changes externally that we feel internally.  We become free.

2 easy steps for changing your interpretations:

  1. Start to witness your interpretations and pay attention to the neural pathways your brain has built.  Certain experiences, places, people will trigger mental chatter that you probably never realized was happening.  We can’t change what we can’t see.

  2. Shift from a low emotional state to a high emotional state by choosing a new interpretation that makes you feel good regardless of what the “fact” is in your head.

The truth is that you are a beautiful miracle, choosing interpretations from a place of loving yourself regardless of what you “see” is the key to empowering yourself for change from the inside out.


Jacqueline Forth