The Glow Life

Your Body is Woven from the foods you eat

Every bite you take is a choice you’re making about who you are and what life you are creating for yourself.

The Glow Life is a lifestyle system for living your richest life in your best body without sacrifice.

Join this FREE 10 day training to unlearn the patterns that keep you stuck while reprogramming your body to crave foods that make you glow inside and out.

  • Learn the #1 easy lifestyle hack for slimming down without dieting of any kind

  • The reason you feel stuck and the mindset shift essential for breaking through

  • Exact plant-based recipes for glowing beauty



I'm Jacqueline Forth and this is The Glow Life.  I teach ambitious women like you how to build their best bodies. When you crack the code to feeling incredible, your life becomes incredible.

After almost a decade of suffering with dieting I finally decided there has to be a better way to live and set out to find it. I believe enjoying food is essential for living a rich life.

After over 7 years of research in my own life and thousands of clients’ lives, I created a lifestyle system called The Glow Life.

The Glow Life gives you the frameworks and tools you need to unlock your natural body intelligence for glowing skin, more energy and a body you love, effortlessly.


Ready to finally be free?


The Glow Life is a wellness and beauty system that combines the science of plant-based foods & ancient healing wisdom with powerful mindset shifts for building a new you from the inside out.  Enjoy life in a body you love!


Clear the Blocks Holding You Back

Motivation is a dead-end despite what your PT might say.  Instead TGL focuses on unlearning destructive thought patterns & reprogramming your brain to change your life and body forever.


Beautify & Deeply Nourish Your Cells

Leverage the science & power of plants to build a youthful, slim, energetic body you love - while swearing off diets for good.


Start Living and Stop Obsessing About Food

Eat whatever you want, when you want.  Forget the scale and calorie-counting.  This isn't a diet - it's an intentional way of life that transforms you from the inside out.


But wait - What if I don't want to diet?

The Glow Life is not a diet and it’s not about removing things from your everyday life. 

It’s about flooding your body with beautifying nutrients so your body can heal itself the way it was intelligently designed to.  

Enjoy the foods you love  without any guilt, rules or fear.  Rediscover freedom and true confidence.

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